Sensor LED Cabinet Light LH-CaL04



1) High quality door-control-sensor  LED Rectangle  Cabinet Light.

2) Switch on when open the door, switch off when close the door.

3) Perfect for using inside of cabinet.

 Product Code Dimensions Material/Color Power  Voltage  Sensor Type
 LH-CaL04-41 410*35*20mm Aluminium/Grey  3.2W  DC12V Door Control
 LH-CaL04-56 560*35*20mm Aluminium/Grey  4W  DC12V Door Control
 LH-CaL04-86 860*35*20mm Aluminium/Grey  6.6W  DC12V Door Control
 LH-CaL04-45 450*35*20mm Aluminium/Grey  3.4W  DC12V Motion Sensor
 LH-CaL04-60 600*35*20mm Aluminium/Grey  4.2W  DC12V Motion Sensor
 LH-CaL04-90 900*35*20mm Aluminium/Grey  7.4W  DC12V Motion Sensor