Intellingent Solar LED Lighting System LH-SLLS10W


1.Solar Panel: 18V 10W with 6m cable
2.Sealed lead Acid Battery: 12V 7Ah
3.LED lamp:3pcs LED Lamp 12V 2W with 5m cable
4.Intelligent battery capacity indicator: 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, 100%
5.Intelligent usage showing: Charging, Lighting, Low capacity
6.Intelligent sleeping function to save battery power
7.Automatic overload protection & over charge protection
8.With USB Output to charge mobile phones,mp3,mp4 etc.
9.Charging time: About 8-9 hours to charge the battery fully
10.Lighting time:
About 12-13 hours after the battery is fully charged
About 6-7 hours after the battery is charged for one day
Home lighting, Emergency lighting, Camping light, Desert area, Remote hilly and mountainous locations, Village, country area and islands.
End users can open the case and replace the battery easily.
Multi-functions: Lighting and Charging mobile phones,mp3,mp4 etc.
There is switch ON/OFF on each LED Lamp, can light any lamp freely.
Long Life: over 40 times than Incandescent lamps and almost 3 times better than fluorescent lamps.
Very easy to be installed & uninstalled: 5 meters cable for each lamp, can light most rooms in the same time.
LED exceptional brightness: over 10 times more efficient than Incandescent lamps and almost 2 times better than fluorescent lamps.
13.Box Size:38.3*31.3*16.6CM