Intellingent Solar LED Lighting System LH-SLLS05W

solar lighting system 5W

1.Solar Panel: 18V 5W with 6m cable
2.Sealed lead Acid Battery: 12V5Ah
3.LED lamp:2pcs LED Lamp 12V2W with 5m cable
4.Intelligent battery capacity indicator: 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, 100%
5.Intelligent usage showing: Charging, Lighting, Low capacity
6.Intelligent sleeping function to save battery power
7.Automatic overload protection & over charge protection
8.With USB Output to charge mobile phones,mp3,mp4 etc.
9.Charging time: About 11-12 hours to charge the battery fully
10.Lighting time:
About 12-13 hours after the battery is fully charged
About 4-5 hours after the battery is charged for one day
11.application: Home lighting, Emergency lighting, Camping light, Desert area,
Remote hilly and mountainous locations, Village, country area and islands.
End users can open the case and replace the battery easily.
Multi-functions: Lighting and Charging mobile phones,mp3,mp4 etc.
There is switch ON/OFF on each LED Lamp, can light any lamp freely.
Long Life: over 40 times than Incandescent lamps and almost 3 times better than fluorescent lamps.
Very easy to be installed & uninstalled: 5 meters cable for each lamp, can light most rooms in the same time.
LED exceptional brightness: over 10 times more efficient than Incandescent lamps and almost 2 times better than fluorescent lamps.
13.Box Size:38.3*31.3*16.7CM